Having a sound healing session where the practitioner uses mainly their natural voice is a very special healing experience, as the voice is one of the most powerful tools within sound healing.

The Flower of Life

The Flower of Life

Sound works on the principle of sympathetic resonance and entrainment. As human beings we do not just exist as a physical person, we also have an energetic energy that surrounds and penetrates the physical body and this is called our energy system. The energy system consists of our Aura and our Chakra System. The balance and well being of this energy system reflects how we are on a physical level.

As we go through life we have experiences that create emotional reactions, like the break down of a relationship or the death of a loved one. Either of these situations will create problems initially in our energy system, and if the emotions continue for some time they will eventually manifest on the physical body as dis-ease.

Using sound we can work on re-balancing those energies using sympathetic resonance which will retrain the unbalanced areas back to their perfect vibration.

We will be working with the natural voice to create the sounds to balance the energy body and the physical body. Different areas of the body vibrate at different frequencies, and if you can imagine the body as an orchestra with each body part vibrating at its perfect frequency. If for instance you have an area that is unbalanced say the violin section in the orchestra, eventually it will affect the rest of the orchestra. The same principle applies to the body; one dysfunctional area will eventually have an effect on other areas.

Prior to the treatment the therapist will firstly carry out a consultation with you, and then you will be asked to lie on a therapy couch. There is no need to remove any clothing except your shoes.

The therapist will start to scan the energy field and chakras using their voice, toning gently over the whole of your body. During the scanning they will be listening for any indication of blockages. Once this has been done it will give your therapist a good idea of where they need to work during the healing session.

The healing session will then continue with tuning forks, toning and any other sounds that the therapist believes you may need. Your therapist will let you know in their own way when the treatment is over, and there will be time to discuss what you experienced during the healing session.

We usually recommend three treatments to be able to see any changes that start to occur in your energy system.