June and Rob Dickerson who are Accredited Tutors for the College of Sound Healing are pleased to offer a Crystal Bowl and Himalayan Bowl Practitioner Diploma Training Course ©.

The course consists of three modules taken over three weekends with a three month period between each weekend. Completion of the training will give the participants the knowledge and tools required to become a Crystal and Himalayan Bowl Practitioner. A full Course Manual is provided at part one.

Sound healing Practitioner Training Sound healing Practitioner Training Sound healing Practitioner Training

In order to be awarded a Practitioner Diploma a total of 18 case studies will need to be completed and there will be an assessment on giving a group sound bath which is covered on part three. As well as completing the core curriculum students will need to complete one additional Sound Healing Workshop. Details of these workshops can be found on the College of Sound Healing Workshops page.

At part two you will need to become a Student Member of the College of Sound Healing and you will need to have student insurance cover whilst doing your case studies. To complete the case studies you will require a minimum of 3 Crystal Bowls and 3 Himalayan Bowls.

Sound healing Practitioner Training Sound healing Practitioner Training Sound healing Practitioner Training

Once you have completed the Practitioner Training you can upgrade to Full Member of the College of Sound Healing and be added to the Practitioner List.


First Weekend - Crystal Bowls

  • What is Sound Healing, how does it work on the physical and energetic bodies
  • Understanding Harmonics and their role in Sound Healing
  • The Birth of a Crystal Bowl
  • Crystal Bowls and Sound
  • Types of Bowls and playing techniques
  • Basic Healing Session
  • The Role of Intention in Sound Healing
  • The Energy System and Crystal Bowls
  • The Human Body and the Metabolic Pathway
  • Areas of Body and Emotions governed by the Chakras
  • The Levels of the Auric Field
  • Protection
  • Where do Energy Blockages come from
  • Dowsing the Chakras and the Energy Field
  • Full Healing session
  • Cleansing your Crystal Bowls
  • Programming your Crystal Bowls and Structured Water

Second Weekend - Himalayan Bowls

  • The History of Himalayan Bowls
  • Modern day Bowls how are they made, where do they come from
  • Choosing your Bowl, playing techniques and wands available
  • Chakra Keywords
  • Full Healing Session
  • Advanced Techniques - Ululation, playing Bowls directly on the body, Bowl Massage technique, Toning with the Bowls and Triad Layout for Bowls
  • Cleansing your Himalayan Bowls
  • Using Complimentary Sound and Colour
  • Energy diagnosis using Tingshas
  • Using Himalayan Bowls and Tingshas to cleanse a space

Third Weekend - Graduation

  • Giving a Group Sound Healing Bath – Points to consider:
    Finding a venue, costs, advertising, setting up the space.
    Using different instruments, Shruti Box, Chimes, Bird Whistles, Bowls and Percussion etc.
    Treating People with Life Limiting Conditions
  • Assessment
  • Code of Conduct
  • Setting up a Sound Healing Practice

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Please refer to the Price List for the cost of the Practitioner Training Course.

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