This therapy works on releasing emotional ties that you may have to an ex partner, family member or a situation for example. How many people feel like someone is trying to control their life, it could be a partner, colleague or even one of your parents.

Cutting the ties

Throughout out lives we bond with various people, forming energetic cord connections to them, especially our parents and anyone that we become emotionally involved with or are extremely close to.

These energy cords are fine while everything is good in a relationship. But if that relationship breaks down for whatever reason, you may feel that these people still have some sort of emotional hold or control over you.

Another situation is when we lose someone through death, and things for whatever reason are left unsaid. Again, this can also cause similar problems in the same areas.

This therapy is very releasing on many levels and although each situation can be quite emotional, at the end of the session we can promise that you will go away a more balanced and peaceful person.

The therapy works using unconditional love and visualisation. We work alongside Archangel Michael and the Ascended Master St Germain. The session can take anything from two to three hours and cannot be rushed.

Any people that you may be detaching from will be treated with respect, and healing will take place for you and the person from whom you are detaching. After the therapy you will start to notice changes in yourself and also in the party that you detach from.

Take the first step to help free yourself now. If you would like further information about this therapy then please contact June.