Crystals have been around us since the beginning of time, growing deep within the energy of the Earths crust.

Crystal Therapy

Crystals have the natural ability to amplify, store and transmit energy, and they have been used throughout the ages and in technology today such as watches, laser equipment in hospitals.

Crystal therapy is non-invasive and a very gentle and relaxing therapy. Most clients find themselves so relaxed that they drop off to sleep. The therapist will ask you to lie on a therapy couch, and there is no need to remove any clothing except for your shoes.

The session will start with the therapist dowsing your energy system, and this will be followed by a guided relaxation process. Any problems that the therapist may find in your energy system or any that you may have spoken about in your consultation will be cleared during the treatment.

As well as using crystals around the body, the therapist will also place a layout on and around the body. The energies will then be balanced using a quartz wand, and any blockages cleared using selenite.

We ask that you allow at least one hour for this therapy, although it will most probably take a little longer. We give our clients whatever time they need.

Please contact us if you would like to book an appointment with June.