Crystal bowls are produced using 99.8% pure crushed and powdered silicon quartz crystal. The powder is dropped into a centrifugal spinning mould; a current is then applied and the mix is heated to several thousand degrees centigrade to integrate the quartz particles and a crystal bowl is born. This process is known as quartz fusion.

Crystal Bowls

There are three types of bowls, the large opaque bowls, the optical clear bowls and the practitioner bowls which are slightly smaller.

The sound created by a crystal bowl is pure, almost angelic, and these are wonderful tools to use during a healing session. As human beings our bodies have a very high water content and our spine is crystalline in its make-up, thus making us perfect candidates for crystal and crystal bowl healing.

Each bowl is tuned to a particular note which will resonate with your chakras, energy field and your physical, emotional and mental bodies, re-balancing and removing any blockages that you may have. The therapist will play those bowls relevant to your present situation.

The bowls are played with love and the highest intent. Care will be taken with the volume at which the bowls are played, as playing them too loud can be uncomfortable for the person receiving the healing.

You will be asked to lie on a therapy couch for the healing session, and there is no need for any removal of clothing just your shoes. During the session a variety of bowls will be used and the therapist will always let you know when the session is finished.

After the session you can ask any questions and the therapist will tell you their experience and views of the healing session.

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