This therapy is an excellent way of clearing unwanted wax from your ears, without going through the unpleasant experience of having your ears syringed with water which can be very uncomfortable for some people.

The candles are made from pure natural products which include bees wax and linen. Some candles also contain essential oil or herbs.

Hopi Ear Candling

As with any complementary therapy if you have any ear conditions or problems it is best to see your doctor first.  But if your problem is just down to impacted wax, then this therapy can help you.

It has also been said that it can help with tinnitus. It will not cure the condition but it can help in reducing the sound. Many people who suffer from pain when flying or when they swim a lot on holiday, which creates water in the ear, can also benefit from this therapy.

Ear Candling has been around for many centuries, some say that it originates from the Hopi Indian Tribe who used this method many, many years ago.  The candle is lit and the tapered end is placed gently in the ear which forms a seal creating the "chimney effect", which draws the wax up into the candle.

The amount of wax that is removed will vary with each person.  The wax will either be old wax, which comes out a dark yellow, or new wax which is pale yellow and powdery. It is a very gentle and relaxing process, with no unpleasant pain or discomfort, and you can relax while each ear is done.  It is recommended that both ears are treated in a session.