The human energy field, or as we also know it the Aura, surrounds and penetrates the physical body and that along with the chakra system and meridians supply our physical body with the Universal Life Force Energy.

The energy field, briefly, consists of various layers of energy which are vibrating at different rates.

The Human Energy Field

The 1st Level of the energy field and closest to the body is the Etheric Level. This level has the slowest vibration and energetically contains the blueprint of the physical body. Connected to the Base Chakra.

The 2nd Level of the energy field is the Lower Emotional Body; this level is connected to the emotions and feelings that we experience in our everyday life. Connected to the Sacral Chakra.

The 3rd Level of the energy field is the Lower Mental Body; this level is connected to our mental and rational thought, our personal power and self worth. It is a level that is greatly affected by our everyday life. Connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra.

The 4th Level is the Astral Body or Bridge between the more physical layers of the energy field and the more spiritual higher layers. Connected to the Heart Chakra.

The 5th Level is the Higher Will, the power of the word, speaking things into being. Connected to the Throat Chakra.

The 6th Level is the Celestial Body/Higher Emotions associated with celestial love. It is a love that extends beyond the human range of love and encompasses all life. It mirrors the subconscious mind that is a part of the inactive part of the brain. By listening to your subconscious and your intuition it can help your journey through life to be more rewarding. Connected to Brow the Chakra.

The 7th Level is the Causal Body or Ketheric Template and is the last level of the energy field. This level is where the soul communicates with the conscious mind via the subconscious mind in the mental body. This is where the initial creative impulse begins; not just linear knowing, but integrated knowing. Connected to the Crown Chakra. The energy at this level has a very high vibration.